Cockleshell Creative
Live life creatively!​

Creativity is not just a box of clever tricks; it's a way of drawing on your deepest resources and focusing your intention on your highest purpose.

what i offer...
creative consultancy
​I work with individuals, teams, organisations and businesses to help them to find greater clarity.

Clarity about their Vision and Values
Clarity about their Strategy
Clarity about the concrete and specific actions they need to take to move steadily towards their objectives.

I use a unique combination of right-brain creative approaches and left-brain strategy and planning techniques  that draws on over 30 years' experience as a therapist, artist, strategic planner and project manager!

If you'd like to find out more about how I can bring clear vision, goals and plans to your business, then hit the button below to set up a call.

Creative Coaching
​Are you ready for your best year ever?

Creative Coaching can help you to find the answers to the three big questions - 

Who do you want to BE in life
What do you want to DO
What do you want to HAVE

If you want to get crystal clear on these fundamental areas, then let me help you.

If you want to create a plan of action that is going to springboard you towards what you really want out of life, then hit the button below to set up a call.

creative Recording
​Planning a conference or workshop? My clients know how powerful and exciting it is to see people's conversations being captured in pictures and text as they happen. I use graphic recording to help bring creativity and engagement to your event.

Click here for some examples.

If you'd like to find out more about how to bring something special to your next event, hit the button below to set up a call.
Tell me more!

Tell me more!

Tell me more!

What people say...

"Investing my time in coaching with Mary made me wake up to the way in which I was working. I was surprised by the effect the coaching had on my work; it actually gave me more time because I could see clearly how I spent my time and become more economical with it. I began to set goals and targets and to focus on meeting them. I began to work smarter not harder." Chris O'Leary, Fine Artist

"Mary Duggan is the best secret you could discover. She takes the time to listen and ask thought-provoking questions. Take the opportunity to get in touch with her - I know you'll love her. She has a knack of asking just the right question so that you get to the heart of your challenge quickly and effortlessly"  Frances Day, Marketing Consultant

"Thank you for all your wonderful work yesterday.  I was so impressed with your ability to capture all the key elements of the day in graphic form…you have a real talent.  It was a pleasure and a privilege for you to be with us."  Kim Morgan, Director, Barefoot Coaching, UK