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  1. Graphic Recording
    Dignity in Palliative Care
    Graphic Recording
  2. Graphic Recording
    Shaping Health and Care
    Graphic Recording
  3. Graphic Recording
    To succeed, everyone matters
    Graphic Recording
  4. Graphic Recording
    Listening into Action
    Graphic Recording
  5. Graphic Recording
    Best Practice and Development
    Graphic Recording
  6. Graphic Recording
    Harness the Power of Video
    Graphic Recording
The power of graphic recording

Add another dimension to conferences and workshops

graphic recording uses hand-drawn graphics and text to capture presentations and discussions in the moment. it forms a powerful record of conference proceedings and workshop output. It is particularly useful for public engagement events - participants can immediately see that their ideas have been captured.
I make a recording of presentation and discussion key points as they are happening, on large format paper. People engage with this readily and find that it adds a further dimension to their understanding and involvement. At the end of the event, I photograph all of the graphics produced and create a clean digital copy that the client can use in various ways. The images can be shared with participants after the event, can be used in corporate communications or printed onto promotional items. The client also retains the actual graphics. If required, the graphics can also be presented as a library of separate images which are ideal for use in future communications.
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"Thank you for all your wonderful work yesterday.  I was so impressed with your ability to capture all the key elements of the day in graphic form…you have a real talent.  It was a pleasure and a privilege for you to be with us."  Kim Morgan, Director, Barefoot Coaching, UK