Make this your best-ever Christmas!

Something happened years ago that still makes me feel sad.  My son was maybe five or six years old, and it was around this time of year. He came up to me one evening, his face all shining, and asked 'Mum, are you really really excited about Christmas?​'.

I growled at him. 'Not really.' I replied. I tell you, the Grinch had nothing on me! All I could think about was the eight hour shift that I'd be working in our kitchen, and the tiredness and irritability that I'd be feeling.

Does that sound familiar? Do you dread the holiday period because 
  • You are bombarded with commercial hype that seems to have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas
  • You feel your creativity and energy draining away as more and more decisions pile up in front of you?
  • You feel stressed and tired and fractious?
  • You feel like you're taking care of everything and everyone and no-one is taking care of you?

Last year, I said to myself 'Never again!'. I was sure that I could break out of the cycle of hype and heartsink and re-create the true Spirit of Christmas for myself and my family. And I was right. I looked at all of the wonderful tools and techniques that I'd learned over the years as a planner and a coach, and I came up with a programme that was designed to help me to focus on the things that were really important. I tested it out with some people I really trust, and they loved it! The results were wonderful.

We felt closer to our families. We took away a lot of the stress and angst that piles up and replaced it with self-care and love. We had an awesome time!

So this year, I want to share this very special programme more widely.  If you want to feel refreshed and replenished over the holiday, then this programme is tailor-made for you.  Let me help you to unleash your creativity and get in touch with the true Spirit of Christmas.

​This programme will help you to feel
  • Calm and in control
  • Creative and joyful
  • Abundant and aligned with the season

Most of all, this programme will help you to feel great about yourself.

​So, what can you expect? Starting on Friday December 1st, you will receive 16 daily coaching lessons  - one for each working day (you get the weekends off!).  With each of the coaching lessons you will get beautiful downloadable worksheets.

​This carefully created seasonal coaching will cover:
  • ​Grounding and centring - some soul-centred practices that will help you to achieve calm and focus in the midst of holiday mayhem.
  • ​Visions and plans - how to intentionally design and manifest your best ever Christmas.
  • ​Gifting - getting to the heart of Chrismas with gifts that money can't buy.
  • ​Self-nurturing - taking care of yourself and nourishing body and soul.

​Did I mention that you'd be getting a range of tools and activities?  Every day, you will receive one or more beautiful, downloadable and printable worksheets, each one infused with the true Spirit of Christmas, that you will love to use. You will also receive a set of carefully crafted meditations that will invite the Spirit of Christmas into your heart and your home. Oh yes, and you'll also get a set of daily practices that if you use them will not only reduce seasonal stress but will also go on to expand your capacity for joy throughout the coming year!

​So what are you going to get out of this coaching programme?

  • ​You will get clear about what Christmas means to you and to the people you love, and you will design your holiday around what really matters.
  • ​You will learn how to leverage your strengths to that you enjoy the holiday rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.
  • ​You will reduce holiday fatigue and burn-out by feeding your soul and your energy.
  • You will create a Christmas that's filled with joy, and memories to treasure forever.

OK, the programme is only for 16 days. It probably won't change your life. But what if it opens you up, just a bit, to feeling more joy and love?

​And yes, the programme is not the same as one-to-one, face-to-face coaching. Sure it isn't. But then, it's a load more convenient! And it will give you a flavour of how it might feel to work with a heart-centred creative coach.

​In fact, I'm so sure that you're going to love this that I'll offer you a guarantee.  If, after reaching the mid-point of the programme (let's say day 8) you feel that you really haven't had any value out of it, then email me and I'll refund you. Simple as that.

You might be worried that you don't have time to do all of this - after all, you're going to be so unbelievably busy in the lead-up to Christmas!  I've designed the practices and activities really carefully so that you can fit them around everything that you need to get done.

​You might think that it all sounds a bit woo woo, or hippy dippy! Well, the approaches that I'm sharing here are based on 30 years' experience of working in healthcare, planning and project management.

​What if you're thinking 'Hey, but I'm not a religious person (heck, I'm not even a Christian!) - so this can't be for me, can it? Well, actually, it can.  For sure, Christmas is a Christian holiday. But do Christians have a monopoly on generosity and loving abundance? I don't think so! This programme is designed to put you in touch with your deepest values and to help you to celebrate them. You can do this at any time of year, but doing it now means that you're doing it in the company of millions of people across the entire planet. Think of the energies that could create!

​So what's the bottom line?

For less than the price of a daily gingerbread latte, I'm going to send you 16 lovingly crafted coaching lessons, starting on Friday December 1st.   I have carefully curated this experience so that you get a lovely, sparkly mixture of tools and techniques to top up your creativity and refresh your soul.

The programme starts on Friday 1st December and takes you right up to Friday 22nd December. All this for only £27.00 (GBP) - around $36.00 USD. 

Go on, you deserve it!  Just enter your name and email address in the box below, and click on Sign me up! I will send you the payment details.

But hurry up - the doors close on Thursday 30th November and I won't be running this for another 12 months!  I'd hate you to miss out!

Capture the Christmas Spirit now!